Sledge the Strauss Out of Your Head

Okay, so Pasolini's love of the young boys in the Red Light district didn't take away from his ability to make a darn good movie, Einstein and Ghandi's cold-hearted approach to women didn't take away from their ability to inspire, it gets tricky on one or two parts. Heidegger was a Nazi and Strauss an neocon. Was there something that they may have fundamentally believed, an early slide in their philosophical maturation? Near the end of Heidegger's Introduction to Metaphysics it becomes atrociously apparent that the man had not read the right Nietzsche, or not understood that the last few books were as full of holes as his brain, which his sister and Aryan-loving friends helped her to fill in. Strauss on the other hand was a Neo-Kantian esoterrorist, whose love of Perry Mason and manufacturing higher authorities led him to the University of Chicago to teach some Kristols and Wolfowitzes. His wish was secret insider decisions, hyping the fear, and developing meaning for others through tedious Apollinian labor. Leo Strauss is the polar opposite of playful transparency.
Neanderthal males stood about 165–168 cm (65–66 in), and were heavily built with robust bone structure. They were much stronger than Homo Sapiens, having particularly strong arms and hands.[9] Females stood about 152–156 cm (60–61 in).[10] They were almost exclusively carnivorous[11] and apex predators.[12]

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