"Playing Mangos with Bows" 32min
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Feline Juxtaposition


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with jim's automated fan playing cymbal
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cpd blue lights and cameras




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That Farther Feesh

Under the rock pile is a fish whose mind has wandered on land. This fish's feet are phantoms; just large enough to tickle. The fish sees the tall rectangles, the myriad tubes, rows and rows of lines and the fish hesitates. "Horrible" cries a fisherman as he dangles strings and metal off the shore. "The damn breeze has me bothered."
Almost a mile away, kittens swarm the inside of a womb. Tasty, the slimiest of four unborn kittens, has a sixth toe that no one else has noticed. Tasty holds it evenly with the rest of her paws, clenching and releasing, gently kneading the uterus walls. With no light and undeveloped eyes, Tasty assumes that the other kittens are envious and establishes neurotic shame. The other cats aren't watching, as they too have six toes on one of their paws.
The fish's belly rumbles as he watches flecks of dust guide stray vegetation to the most convenient position in the freshwater lake. Until now, the fish had been content annoying the schools, but he rests alone now. The fish hesitates again, unable to lunge at the incandescent orange corn. "I want this", he says, but can't understand what it means. He quits and drifts neutrally in the wake.
But the meaning of the whole ordeal is lost, the finish line has created a circuit that appears to be self sufficient when compared to the logic of electricity or plumbing, but the circuit is never self sufficient. Movement requires forces, but its the layers of conflicting forces that make it art. The resolution takes place beyond the circuit. Don't let the narrative structure tell you any different. Narrative would like you to keep your head on the ground and your feet on your head, but it's so hard to strut that way. I believe the solution to be olive oil. We boil our noodles into the pan, way past al dente. The oil comes after wards. Its best to scoop it from the reflective puddle on the tile floor, reach inside and pull out the skull. And as the water dissipates, the oil alerts us to the danger we are in. The noodles may have stuck, but our meal is not ruined. Our tree will still grow.