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E’questo dominio incontrastato del profitto e della mercificazione totale – che il movimento no global contesta da almeno un decennio – il responsabile di una crisi mondiale che non è solo economica e finanziaria, ma anche ambientale, climatica, energetica, alimentare e bellica. Abbiamo detto in questi mesi che non vogliamo essere noi – popoli del mondo - a pagare la crisi causata dai padroni del globo: e abbiamo messo in campo, da Belem ad Atene, da Londra a Strasburgo, fino alle città italiane antiG8 , un programma alternativo di uscita dalla crisi, egualitario, solidale, pacifico, ecologico, a favore dei popoli, dei lavoratori, dei più deboli e indifesi.


Please smile, all is going ok!



Hourly Wage Art

Much like the cinema’s screen being nothing more than representation, we can make things on a computer that represents nothing but itself and spread that throughout the world by just hitting a few buttons. There is no need for an expert or professional to do it for us, we now have the power. Through this power image has been saturated and tradition has been rendered boring. Of course this means that the spectacle has free reign to be more exciting than knowledge and freedom, but that’s why a critical/aesthetic eye is more important than ever. Most people don’t understand that they are being manipulated to buy into a certain lifestyle, but luckily information is not exclusive to the academy anymore either.

The mechanical age gave way to the digital age, and both of these are step forward into destroying the expert, and the exclusivity of intellectual exploration. This can serve a larger purpose of mediating our relationships to each other without the use of archetypical, diagnosed aesthetics, to give way to freedom.