Beloved by bank buyers the bastion of horrible, brings absolute camoflauge to the instant and able. Trials of porkskin underneath the tea label. Behavior is mind that badges take hold. Immoral efficiencies defended by droves. Early preoccupation of the body has become the employment of the soul. We make believe that the rest just follows behind. Running into a stampede, the hooves step synced to mine. Sock fuzz is singing, but the coffee gets done. Or bringing bed time. Torching the pop rocks to romance a cheese wheel, but every better best board is the mourning we redeem after.
Bouncing said left overs to the cows through the Hume in order to bash them, and take off our spoons. Born to follow you to better hills if we wanted to and basis brakes for animals but won't give up the moon. Oh, so so soon. Oh, too too true.
Say no more the hills are laughing, say no more the rest of this day
Say no more, the hills are all gone, and with this deal our daylight leads.
Say no more the hills are laughing, say no more the rest of this day
Say the wheels are long this road, and with this deed our day is done.
Hard, I deem them
We make believe


Signal to Noise*
Hyde Park Art Center
April 21 & 22


for jim

Four Square

The hieght of an eagle matched by a stethescope on top of six mountains around the babboon hut, slid underneath the door mat and left to its own devices helps the emerging nest struggle and doubles the original color code. Its the value placement on assimilation, the crowd of a thousand wearing the same hat.. Of course, its a habit, but I love messing around in my underwear. I love it. I love hot pistachio shells, searing coals. Our feet rest underneath the water, true enough, but you suppose. Heavy lifted feather breasted toned tank wart heroes. Geese unlike the room.