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Spirits and Music Three Dee

This document is categorized from the "Lowerarchy of Spirits" archives. It is the only one ever seen by humans.

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Exquisite December

Jenna had the crayons, Chris had the right idea, John had no reason not to, and I had a couple of pens.


A Camily Fonversation

Carl Sagan

After just finishing the Cosmos series on hulu, it was clear that Carl Sagan had a whole lot of good to offer. He enlisted Panoptico's favorite methods:
transparency: His information was broken down to be legible by common sense without reducing it to kindergarten level reading. Any of the heavy math work was broken down and represented. For example, his explanation of how many planets in the Milky Way could sustain intelligent life in the Encyclopedia Galactica episode.
playfulness: throughout the entire series, Carl returns to a place that we've grown attached to, The Spaceship of Our Imagination. From here Carl speculates on the image of Earth's civilization as could be seen by other intelligent civilizations. This along with on location shooting in Egypt and myriad shores fortified his cosmic analogies to dandelions and the cosmic sea. The entire time, Carl let us in on his enthusiasm usually only reserved for the explorer or discoverer.
Philosophy can no longer do the job to tell us what we are, science has definitely done that with the atomic and biological discoveries of the last two centuries. Richard Feynman, renowned Physicist from the Manhattan Project, says that the main goal of science is to strive for the why, but ultimately aim for the how. The only paths paved have been by the footsteps of the philosophers reacting to the discoveries of science.
It is the moment of discovery that is so exciting, and when it is portrayed right, discovery can excite people 25 years later. It is that fleeting moment we should aim to express, simply as to possibly include as many minds as possible. It is often the job of any doctor to use inaccessible ideas to keep their PhD glowing bright enough for us to confuse it with a halo. "Nice hat, but now what?"


Private Concerns

"...it may be confidently asserted--the distrust of all government, the insight into the useless and harassing nature of these short-winded struggles, must drive men to an entirely new resolution...to the neglect of the conception the state and the abolition of the contrast of "private and public." Private concerns gradually absorb the business of the state; even the toughest residue which is left over from the old work of governing (the business, for instance, which is meant to protect private person from private persons) will at last someday be managed by private enterprise. The neglect, decline, and death of the sate, the liberation of the private person (I am careful not to say the individual), are the consequences of the democratic conception of the state; that is its mission..." Nietzsche, "A Glance at the State" Human, all too Human

Christianity has interfered by urging the suppression of the individual and the encouragement of a private sentiment. Privacy is no way to understand ourselves. With privacy, the only venue for communication is trade or possibly the authoritative inner monologue. We occupy our bodies and leave others to their bodies. Treating ours as temples, and others' as vessels, our bodies become fortresses, storefronts, or bathhouses, adapting to the enterprises around us. A way to overcome privacy is to remain the same structure all of the time, built with design and meditation for practicality and plasticity to redirect entropy rather than escape from it into another building. The double edged sword is only dangerous when its surplus is too great, its gurth too heavy for us to yield, or when we have simply stopped paying attention.


Yawn on the lawn

join the pattern. push paranoia into a positive!
approach it as a magnification.
reality on a fine scale
just don't use it on yourself!

it is our job to artificially separate our experience occasionally,
and to place it into a series of conventions
that communicate to a larger population
and with comparison, it is obvious
the source of the agitating rays burning our skin
but none of any of it will work
if we don't converse with it
we can't smell using each other's nostrils
this is my hand, my nose, my lap, my door
my twitching, and yours yours.
it is our responsibility to know what we want
why wouldn't we want that responsibility?
when we figure out what others want,
does what we want stay the same?
does it have to?
indifferance is a salty defeat
moderation is inflexible
those who seek the middle road
end up seeking escape
it gets claustrophobic
motionless, crowded with possibility.
Once upon a time an prehistoric western gentleman
approaches his colleague attending a dinner over a bon fire.
The gentleman's colleague is smiling. The gentleman is not.
The colleague doesn't notice. So the gentleman whispers,
"Hey man, didn't you know that people are fucked up?"
The colleague's smile drops, "People, like these people?"
He points to the oblivious guests still smiling around the fire.
"Yes, all of them."
He protected himself from there on out.
Chicken or the egg? Were people ever fucked up?


Sunday, Oct 18 at APO Community Arts and Cultural Center


Replace peanut butter with Music

I have been preparing my own peanut butter sandwiches for as long as twenty years. In 1989, my sandwiches resembled my mother's style: four corners of butter, a smooth thin layer of peanut butter, and a well spread grape jelly. As I grew older, my tastes changed. I liked crunchy for a while, but I just wanted something different. For the longest time, my formula was simple: chunks of butter in each corner, a blob of jelly in the center, and a half inch of Jif. Since then many alterations popped up including trading off with strawberry jelly, toasted white bread, with bananas and honey, and even with just mayo. I even discovered that peanut butter is good with everything, except for ketchup and ranch. I thought I had tried everything. We are supposed to when we like something. Its the grandiose euphoria involved with it. I think it's pronounced arrogance, but who's counting?
Having moved from home, peanut butter became an essential part of my diet due to its inexpensiveness and versatility. I would switch between the different styles of sandwiches, but now the serving size was pushing two or three sandwiches some times. After two semesters in the dorms, I couldn't handle anymore peanut butter. Different things filled the gap haphazarzadly. Nothing stuck to my digestion like peanut butter. After a year long peanut butter hiatus, I returned trying to discover what it was about peanut butter that "didn't do it for me anymore".
I have recently refined my sandwich. Penny-thin sliced banana, clover honey, nutella, toasted whole wheat bread, and something better than Jif. I generally use the earth balance peanut butter nowadays. It has a really starchy texture, spreads like Jif, and has flax seed in it. I don't really like it that much. I want to make my own.
This story is the age-old story of being over-saturated with good things. This happens to all sorts of foods, movies, songs, and ideas. Many of us get stuck on something, and when we become over saturated with it, we force ourselves to continue experiencing it and hating it. Shouldn't we do something about it?


Imaginary Rumor Mill

Hot word on the street has it that Consumer. is starting another silly endeavor called
Darn it! Gosh!
I totally thought he was bankrupt and out of business ready to become a wrinkled recluse in his mansion carved from rare gems and petrified wood. No, at least for now it appears as though he will not go the way of Howard Hughes. But hell, even Trump went all Chapter 11 on us for a while, and now he can afford sandy historical Scottish coasts and gigantic syringes for the sky.


Sorry sorry sorry


We'd almost rather take the burden ourselves.

Why didn't Tokyo get it? Aren't they better equipped to take on monsters?

Before Now