Replace peanut butter with Music

I have been preparing my own peanut butter sandwiches for as long as twenty years. In 1989, my sandwiches resembled my mother's style: four corners of butter, a smooth thin layer of peanut butter, and a well spread grape jelly. As I grew older, my tastes changed. I liked crunchy for a while, but I just wanted something different. For the longest time, my formula was simple: chunks of butter in each corner, a blob of jelly in the center, and a half inch of Jif. Since then many alterations popped up including trading off with strawberry jelly, toasted white bread, with bananas and honey, and even with just mayo. I even discovered that peanut butter is good with everything, except for ketchup and ranch. I thought I had tried everything. We are supposed to when we like something. Its the grandiose euphoria involved with it. I think it's pronounced arrogance, but who's counting?
Having moved from home, peanut butter became an essential part of my diet due to its inexpensiveness and versatility. I would switch between the different styles of sandwiches, but now the serving size was pushing two or three sandwiches some times. After two semesters in the dorms, I couldn't handle anymore peanut butter. Different things filled the gap haphazarzadly. Nothing stuck to my digestion like peanut butter. After a year long peanut butter hiatus, I returned trying to discover what it was about peanut butter that "didn't do it for me anymore".
I have recently refined my sandwich. Penny-thin sliced banana, clover honey, nutella, toasted whole wheat bread, and something better than Jif. I generally use the earth balance peanut butter nowadays. It has a really starchy texture, spreads like Jif, and has flax seed in it. I don't really like it that much. I want to make my own.
This story is the age-old story of being over-saturated with good things. This happens to all sorts of foods, movies, songs, and ideas. Many of us get stuck on something, and when we become over saturated with it, we force ourselves to continue experiencing it and hating it. Shouldn't we do something about it?

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