Yawn on the lawn

join the pattern. push paranoia into a positive!
approach it as a magnification.
reality on a fine scale
just don't use it on yourself!

it is our job to artificially separate our experience occasionally,
and to place it into a series of conventions
that communicate to a larger population
and with comparison, it is obvious
the source of the agitating rays burning our skin
but none of any of it will work
if we don't converse with it
we can't smell using each other's nostrils
this is my hand, my nose, my lap, my door
my twitching, and yours yours.
it is our responsibility to know what we want
why wouldn't we want that responsibility?
when we figure out what others want,
does what we want stay the same?
does it have to?
indifferance is a salty defeat
moderation is inflexible
those who seek the middle road
end up seeking escape
it gets claustrophobic
motionless, crowded with possibility.
Once upon a time an prehistoric western gentleman
approaches his colleague attending a dinner over a bon fire.
The gentleman's colleague is smiling. The gentleman is not.
The colleague doesn't notice. So the gentleman whispers,
"Hey man, didn't you know that people are fucked up?"
The colleague's smile drops, "People, like these people?"
He points to the oblivious guests still smiling around the fire.
"Yes, all of them."
He protected himself from there on out.
Chicken or the egg? Were people ever fucked up?

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