Golan Levin


Golan Levin makes software that allows the user to interact with music and video as comfortably as an instrument. This reminds me of David Byrne's "Playing the building" project where he hooked fans and hammers throughout a dilapidated building. In an interview with Boing-Boing, he said he was most excited that no matter who sat down at the modified organ, that served as the controller, no one was better at it than anyone else. This software strips line and sound from its familiar context which allows the user to interact instinctively, having nothing to reference, and therefore nothing to trace. He teaches at Carnegie Mellon at the department of Creative Inquiry.

Below is a quick video of what Yellowtail did to a couple spirals I drew and pictures of random moments. Also, there is a link to a java version of the program as well as a link to his website 'flong' at the top. Sorry for the Sonic Youth, but I think it actually fits quite well.

Yellowtail (1998)

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