Burlusconi Mussolini

Began a career in mass media which was eventually engulfed by a determination to rule the hearts of Italy.

One was born in Milan
One was strung up in Milan

Recently, the People of Freedom political party has absorbed representatives from a wide range of the Italian political spectrum.
Some of these being: The immediate Mussolini replacement National Alliance Party, Burlusconi's Forza Italia Party and Alessandra Mussolini's (Benito's granddaughter) Social Action party. Many of the members, namely Alessandra, hold principles for the party that echo an era thought long gone.
  • advocacy of the third way in-between liberal capitalism and socialism;
  • rejection of the party system;
  • intransigent anti-communism;
  • appeals for a strong executive branch;
  • support for aggressive government intervention in the social sphere.

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