We are inspired by the puddles

Out of fear of doing nothing, everyone brought something. Staying busy, but not worth it. Truly an image based, over consumption. Voted in the franchise with pad thai, rockets follow Fromm. Teased out butter corn treats me like a family member. True story bringer is a yogurt slashed in the kisser. Mountain obstinacy crowned born fall swept dog habit. Mystery shit that shaped like dogs. Really expensive things wasted money on the fossil fools but Oberon rocks like a PBR and pays the trolley twice the token that sunflowers like heavy metal. She's holding Santa's Surprise but won't contribute its okay. Nevertheless the action oriented farm hands clapping as they deck the halls with their bowels. Dinner Cake for the cruise ship Rastafarian purple skin with a bloody apron. His eye holes are too low and his thyroid is broken. The umpire is a lunch lady in disguise. The mardi gras master in disguise. Keep your braces to yourself underneath the burlap daggers. Chris we have to keep this train in motion... wheeled out on a piano. NIL SCULPT! 1. dress up like a high rise and derive. ideas to get people into a dark place and tell them to leave. how do you leave a place where you do not know where the entrances or exits are? who would get out first? would they fall in love? cat claws typing. reason being. Sucking Ice cream through my glasses or my friends' glasses everyday but still no Pudin. We think he switched alleys, but earth, fire, wind, water, heart...this is Panoptico.
Happiness through Playful transparency.

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